Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Book snobs?

Okay, something's been nagging away in my brain for a while now. Am I a book snob? I have difficulties considering someone who reads detective novels and vampire books as a Reader. As in, a serious reader. okay, you may read a lot, and as such are indeed a reader, but an intellectual reader? Noup. I do believe that to be a Reader, you must have read, if only for curiosity's sake, some of the classics, you must know the difference between Russian and French literature, you must recognize the Asian from the American.

Is that snobbish of me?

Here here sisterfriend!! I don't get it either. I do occasionally read detective novels (like Agatha Christie and such) and every once in a while I need some chick lit to clear my head from all thought but I really don't have the need to go around advertising the fact. And I'm not the kind of person who judges a book by it's cover: I have even read the Twilight series. And no, I didn't think much of it, the last book was downright ridicilous. I must admit that the books were slightly better than the movies though. I think there's nothing good looking about Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner looks like a girl with muscles. (I'm waiting for the insults now, go for it: I haven't even started with the "actress" Kirsten Stewart...)

I wanted to start blogging to have incentive to read more classics or books that have an important message or at least a bit more enduring value than your latest Cosmopolitan-recommended-it-next-to-a-Veet-ad stuff. I want to have intelligent discussions about books with people who are well read and actually have thoughts about the stuff they read. I don't need to talk about Confessions of a Shopaholic, it was ok but that's about it, no lasting impression or emotional turmoil.

Is there anyone out there who prefers a classic over the latest craze in books?

I suffered some emotional turmoil over the fact that there is a fairly successful book series about a character who never exhibits any growth or development whatsoever! (yes, the Shopaholic series.) Granted, I do read the chick-lit on occasion. We all need a detox after all. We all need an occasional break of sorts. It's like eating junk food or fat-assing it on the sofa. Although the latter probably isn't a good example, given the fact that as I accidentally came across my gym bag in my closet just now, it went "who the heck are you??" (But I do have a hola hoop, and it's pretty. And besides the point.)

But yes, we all need a break. It's what you do between those breaks that matters, in my mind. Right? Are you reading chick-lit amids Ha Jin and Némirovsky, or between Grisham and The Nanny Diaries (which I only finished because of the Harvard Hottie)?

Exactly! I think I for sure needed to vent my feelings on this particular matter. I don't even care if people blog about their holiday fluff reading as long as it's done tongue in cheek. But what I don't like, is the fact that it looks like the fluff is taking over. Everyone seems to be reading just the same book over and over again and frankly, I'm getting seriously bored with this! Fingers crossed that this trend will blow over and I get to read reviews about something else besides the adventures of Sookie Stackhouse and Lauren Conrad. *sigh*

Who's Lauren Conrad?

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