Monday, July 5, 2010

The Four Month Challenge

The hot thing in book blogs is Challenges. Someone comes up with a cool set of rules and invites people they know and don't know to complete the reading task. Ours is a challenge, of course. Or it could be "read a book by authors with names starting with each letter of the alphabet". Which, come to think of it, is also covered by our list. Damn, we're good.

Anyhoo, we found this cool challenge by Martina at She Read a Book, and decided to take part. We're anxious to see how many points we can gather. So from now on, for the next four months, we'll be adding labels to books that fit the categories listed in the challenge and keep count of the points we have. 250 is the maximum available, surely we can get to 100, right?

The catch is, again of course, the we both have to read the books in order for them to qualify.

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