Tuesday, August 24, 2010


In case you've been paying attention, we've read a lot of books lately that have been made into movies. And while we usually don't want to see a book we've enjoyed to be twisted into a Hollywoodish image of fluff with liposuctions and designer outfits, we've decided that to hell with it, we want to see how they managed this time.

So, we're hosting a moviethon!

Second weekend in September, we're planning to, and inviting y'all to do so also, watch as much of the movies based on books we've read so far as humanly possible.
The list of books (the final list of movies depends on good luck and the stock of our local movie rental place) includes titles such as...
Revolutionary Road (Kate!! *swoon*)
Atonement (The Dress!)
Midsummer Night's Dream (There's a version with Calista Flockhart, I know.)

Maybe we'll throw in The Time Travelers Wife, although that's not on our book list. But we've both read it. Mads, you've read it, right?

Anyhoo, mes petites, the point is to join us on the second weekend in September, and watch as many movies based on books you've read as possible.
And Harry Potter movies don't count. (There's no reason for that, I just like making up random rules. It's my moviethon. Well, fine, ours.)

And who knows, maybe we'll branch out into movies.

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  1. Though I haven't read Revolutionary Road or Atonement yet I did see the movies. I thought both of them were amazing. I was blown away by Revolutionary Road.

    I hope you enjoy them!