Sunday, September 12, 2010

Moviethon: Les Liaisons Dangereuses

One more was left on our list. The review of the book isn't up yet (blame ii, everyone always does anyways) but we watched the movie nontheless. So...
*scene: Madeline's livingroom, facial masks on and coffee on the way*

ii: Oh, so I'm starting again? Okay. Well, for one, I found the Valmont in the movie more violent and cruel (Note that I didn't use my favourite word evil, Valmont does not deserve evil.) than in the book. While his violence is mentioned in the book, the overall wibe, for me at least, was that of a sleazebag.

M: I think the movie to me was relatively the same as the book. Everyone were pretty much the way I imagined. It was an ok movie, probably I won't be watching it again but ok nonetheless. Pretty bland I guess 'cause I really don't have much to say...

ii: I have to say, I prefer the movie to the book. That's probably because with the movie I didn't have to suffer through so much of boring blabbering from the Volanges girl and the pious self-flaggelation from Tourvel, not to mention the insipid ramblings of Danceny. If it wasn't for the disturbingly excellent job by Malkovich I would watch the movie again. Merteuil was brilliant in both versions, however.

M: Glenn Close is always excellent (she does evil marvelously). I kinda have to say I liked the book more. Not that I would read the book again any time soon but for this type of piece I thought the book is better format. The houses and costumes were pretty spectacular though.

ii: Yeah, I'm totally inspired to redecorate now. I kid! So... we agree to disagree? Can we go eat now?

Okay, kids, the moviethon is over. I hope you had fun, we sure did. Did we learn something? Do we now have some sort of great summary and wise words to share? Probably not.

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