Saturday, September 11, 2010

Moviethon: Revolutionary Road

Scene: Madeleine's livingroom, one bottle of red wine and several pounds of cheese later we have succesfully managed to watch one movie! 

ii: Hmm... movie no. 1, Revolutionary Road. Maybe not the best one to start with after the slightly crappy day Madeline had, but oh well. Logic, the old fashioned way, has never been a strong suit of ours. And I for one I'm glad we started with this, I liked it!

M: Well, it was very true to the book, except I liked that they had made April's part bigger. We have debated this time and again but I just didn't get her point of view at all from the book (apart from the very ending). So, I'm going to be so bold to say that movies 1 - books 0! *horrified gasps*

ii: *gets wine down the wrong pipe* What?? No! It was a good mmovie and I liked it and all, but really? Better than the book? No no no. The movie showed the emptines April and Frank felt very well, but it just didn't have the feeling of desperation the book had. You didn't get the intensity of the book. Of course, I admit, that could be because watching the movie we knew how it was going to end all along. When reading the book there was still hope for the Wheelers. You know?

M: Well d'uh, I didn't like the book... Didn't take much for the movie to win... Anyways, I suggest we're just gonna agree to disagree on this one and focus on the wine. At least we agreed on that, the wine is (...was...) excellent!!

ii: Well, the wine better be good, with how long it took me to pick it! Do you know, I'm afraid I'm getting snobish about my wine... odd that. But yes, the wine was good, and so was the movie. And of course, Kate is always amazing. Love her.

M: Yes, Kate was lovely, swell I might even say. And Leo didn't suck either, even though it is hard to imagine him as an adult who would actually have kids.

ii: True. As much as I liked Departed, I spent that movie drooling over Matt Damon. So for me, Leo is still that baby-faced teen idol from Titanic. It was odd seing him all grown up. But he is a spectacular actor. Are we ready for the next one now? Next movie, that is, not the next wine...

M: Oh, I'm more than ready for the next wine. What?? Movie? Ok I guess... So next up Time Traveler's Wife. And some more wine.

ii: I though we agreed to postpone the movie till tomorrow morning. We can't start drinking before noon! It's the rule!

M: *pouts* Ok, fine. But I demand we go out tomorrow and buy some sparkling wine.

ii: Oh, like that's a sacrifice! Can we also be mean to people?

M: We are always mean to people. It's the rule! Hmm.. it looks like we might've strayed from the actual point, oh ever so slightly, so I think it's about time we dig in to that apple pie waiting on the counter and let all the nice people keep the rest of their sanity and not force them to read any more of our ramblings.

ii: Us? Off topic? Never! Ooh... apple pie! Bye!

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  1. I have got to rent Revolutionary Road - your comments have sparked my interest again.