Saturday, September 11, 2010

Moviethon: Time Traveler's Wife

*scene: Madeline's livingroom, outfit: nighwear, beverage: coffee.*
Okay, so movie two is over. While Time Traveler's Wife wasn't on The List, it's something we've both read, and Madeline even wrote about it on the blog. So it totally qualifies.

M: Totally! And I really liked this one too. The movie had many beautiful scenes, the meadow in the sunlight, the first snow.. Very good interpretation of the book, but I have to still hand this one for the original, so this round goes for the books. ii?

ii: Well, for starters, I liked the book alright, but I thought the ending in the book felt like a cop-out. The author took the easy way out of the story of Henry and Claire, and the end half was just waiting for that ending. In the movie, however, you didn't get that feeling. It was more balanced in a way. I'm also positively surprised how cohesive they made the time-travel bits, you actually could follow the story.

M: Yes, it was really well thought out movie and some of the changes they had made actually fit the story really well, some even better than the original versions in the book. But I still have to say I preferred the book, to me, it was just so much more real, the movie was a little too fairy tale and everything's gonna be alright for my taste.

ii: Yeah, it was a tad glossed-over-happy-Hollywood. So I guess I prefered the book for the actual story, the movie for the pace and the movie for... well, hello! Eric Bana! *drool*

M: Haha, I knew there'd be something we can agree on, let it be Eric Bana's abs then! (You can't go wrong with that choice....mmm...ok, focus Mads, focus!) I think there's no better way to end this discussion then agreeing on Eric Bana's hotness.

ii: ooh... Eric Bana...
Next movie is... we don't know yet, we'll see. It'll be a surprise for us all. Isn't that fun??

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