Saturday, September 11, 2010

Moviethon: Atonement

*scene: Madeline's livingroom (who's surprised?!), food: delicious lasagna by Mads and green salad, wine: Italian, sorry, Sicilian red.

ii: Okay, so Atonement. The book both of us hated because of the ending. The book with 150 pages of foreshadowing. Well... I liked the movie! I don't know if it was because I had read the book and knew the backstory or because the movie was well made, but I really thought the movie told the story well. It didn't drag on too much, and it made the important points. And it made them beautifully.

M: I know!! I was sold after five minutes when by then the movie had managed to tell the first 100 pages of the story! The book dragged the story on and on way too long, the movie succeeded in telling the story much more decidedly. And very beautifully I might add. The last scene with Robbie and Cecilia on the goregeous beach, happy and the music playing... what a beautiful way to end the movie! I still didn't like Briony's holy attitude of making it all better by writing a stupid story, but in the movie this part was not highlighted as much as in the book.

ii: That's so true. And the movie was very beautiful visually. But I agree abuot Briony's role. The whole problem of rewriting history through a story being sufficient act of atonement was missing in the movie. In the book Briony seemed more certain and set that her atonement was enough. In the movie, on the other hand, it was more along the lines of "this is the best I can do, and I hope it's at least something" instead of some miraculous salvation for her sins.

M: Exactly!! So hands down, the movie wins this match in the battle of books vs. movies. I do think they could've made the movie even more impressive by cutting some parts, like the part where the soldiers reached the beach, I do get why they kept the scenes taking place at the beach, but I think the movie could've done with out them as well.

ii: I think it was there to foreshadow, the big thing of the book, the destiny of Robbie. It made it easier to buy his death later on. So I guess it served a point, like everything else in the movie. I do love it when that happens. So yes, the movie wins hands down. And that's even before we consider The Dress. Of course, it could just be me being overly emotional because of the good food and the wine... It feels almost wrong to go dancing after what happened to Cecilia and Robbie, doesn't it?

M: Oh well, Briony made it all better with her story, right?! (I'm so not bitter about the ending...) So of course we can (and should) go dancing! So, no more tear provoking or boring movies today, we'll be back tomorrow with some more cutting edge analysis with Dangerous liaisons.

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