Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Voting Wednesday, Sept 29

Voting Wednesday

We're hosting weekly thing (I hate the word meme) called "Voting Wednesday" where we make a voting ballot for each Wednesday and invite y'all to voice your opinion on whatever book related (or unrelated, we're not making any promises) issue we happen to pick.

So, here's the rules:

You form an opinion taking sides in the issue voted upon.

You voice that opinion on the comments, either as a short reply or by a link to your blog where you can make a stand.

Easy, eh?

So, the question of this week is:

Buy or borrow?

In other words, do you prefer to buy the books you read, borrow from a friend or trust the selection at your local library? Do you buy books that you think or know you will be reading again later or do you just buy whatever you fancy at the moment? Please elaborate at will.


  1. I generally prefer buy to borrow, as I like the physical form of book. I like to flip through them and hold them and the look of them. Growing up, I never could understand how some of my friends could have no books in their room.

    But, there are books I'm glad I haven't bought. I mean, if I have a feeling I won't be liking it, or that it won't in all likeliness make any impression on me, I'm fine with borrowing.

    So I guess I'm generally for buy, but if it's a blah book I rather leave it in the shop and get it from a friend or a library. I always reserve the right to change my mind and go buy the book, however!

  2. I'm with you ii. I'm definitely a buyer. To a fault. A very broke fault.

    I have this dream house with my own personal library and I like to see my buying habits as creating a base for said library, you know?

    But the main reason I prefer buying to borrow is this. I have this thing where I'll think of some random scene from a book (I do this with movies also) and I need to re-read it. If I've got something going on, my brain conjures up a scene from a book for me to relate to, or to make me laugh, and then I have to grab the book and read that part. Weird as that may sound, its just how my brain works. So if I don't have the book, I get all pissy because I want to go back and read it, hence putting the tons of books that I have on my shelves (and every other surface I can't find since I'm out of shelves)

  3. I had solemnly decided not to order any books before Christmas. Then I realized it was only September so I let myself order some books once more before Christmas. The package arrived yesterday. Without realizing, I had bought 12 books. Oops. Oh well, I guess this little story tells you what's my take on this subject... Oh, but I do borrow books from ii a lot too! And I try to limit my book buying, that's why I very rarely visit book stores. Although, now that I decided I'm not allowed to ORDER any books before Christmas... *evil grin*