Thursday, October 28, 2010

Voting Wednesday, Oct 27

Voting Wednesday*

We're hosting weekly thing (I hate the word meme) called "Voting Wednesday" where we make a voting ballot for each Wednesday and invite y'all to voice your opinion on whatever book related (or unrelated, we're not making any promises) issue we happen to pick.

So, here's the rules:

You form an opinion taking sides in the issue voted upon.

You voice that opinion on the comments, either as a short reply or by a link to your blog where you can make a stand.

Easy, eh?

So, the question of this week is:

How do you arrange your books?

Do you have a shelf? Are they arranged by genre or alphabetically? By author or name?

* Don't you know that Thursday's the new Wednesday? I'm sorry, I had a gazillion other things yesterday, so this is a bit late. Sorry!


  1. I have come to realize that I own a ridicilously few books!! Who knew?? I just organised my few books shelves and the first thought that came to my mind was that I need more books!! But, to answer the actual question, I've got a couple of book shelves. At the moment there's one shelf for chick lit and other fluff, one for unread books and one for the books I've read. These are organised just based on size. I'm not counting or telling you about my textbooks, dictionaries, encyclopedias etc. they're boring.

  2. Well, as you know very well, I have far too many books!
    Right now majority of them are in storage boxes (read: vine boxes. Not that I have a problem...) in my dad's storage room. But I do have an Excel spreadsheet about them.

    The books I do have with me are arranged very simply. Textbooks etc are separated from "casual" fiction and nonfiction. The fiction and nonfiction are then arranged by color. Simple and pretty. Like me. Except that I'm complicated.

  3. Tähän mun on pakko kommentoida! Mutta suomeksi, koska en jaksa selittää englanniksi:) Tällä hetkellä puolet munkin kirjoista on muuttolaatikoissa ja toinen puolikas viidessä eri pinossa lattialla, kokojärjestyksessä isoimmat alimpana ja pienemmät ylhäällä, jotta kasat pysyis pystyssä. Tosi kätevää, kun haluais esim. selailla pinon alinta. Kuten mun gradua, jota tietty haluaisin selailla harva se päivä. "Normaalioloissa" eli sillon kun mulla vielä oli kirjahylly, mulla oli järjestyksessä lähtökohtana 1) genre ja 2) genren sisällä aakkosjärjestys. Käytännössä genret oli kaunokirjallisuus ja tietokirjallisuus, ja jälkimmäisen sisällä vähän tarkemmin vielä aloittain, tyyliin kielitiede, taloustiede, historia jne. Sit ku mulla joskus hamassa tulevaisuudessa on taas kirjahylly niin ajattelin tsekata sen virallisen kirjastoluokituksen ja järjestää kirjani sen mukaan. Hitto mikä järjestysfriikki:)


    Ps. On kyl kiva tää teijän blogi, täytyis vaan yrittää kommentoida useamminkin:)

  4. Minna, toi on kyl jo harvinaisen friikkiä... Etenkin toi "kirjastoluokitus" -kohta... :D

    Kiva, että tykkäät blogista!!

  5. I have lots and lots of books. About 550 hard-copies (which I barely fit onto 3 big huge bookshelves, a small bookshelf, and any other surface I can find) and 2000+ ebooks. I have some die-hard OCD when it comes to organizing my books too. They are all separated by fiction or non-fiction and then further broken down within the two. So psychology, current affairs, textbooks, etc for non-fic and literary fiction, sci-fi, romance, etc for fiction. Within each I order them by author and release date when there's more than one book per author.Like I said, pretty specific.