Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Voting Wednesday, Nov 3

Voting Wednesday

We're hosting weekly thing (I hate the word meme) called "Voting Wednesday" where we make a voting ballot for each Wednesday and invite y'all to voice your opinion on whatever book related (or unrelated, we're not making any promises) issue we happen to pick.

So, here's the rules:

You form an opinion taking sides in the issue voted upon.

You voice that opinion on the comments, either as a short reply or by a link to your blog where you can make a stand.

Easy, eh?

So, the question of this week is:

Do you give up on a book and abandon it without finishing or do you struggle through no matter how bad?

Is it okay to toss the book without finishing? Do you read it to the very end in the hopes that it'll improve? When do you put down a book and say "well, I tried..."


  1. And yes, before Mads calls me out on it I admit, this weeks VW question was inspired by Maguire's Wicked. That book is no good. I'll read it half way before I debate tossing.

  2. I've given up in the past (krhm...Anna Karenina..but I've got every intention of reading it eventually). Lately, as you can see from my Dickens-experience, I've decided that I want to read more books, also stuff I don't necessarily like. Not all books on our list are stuff I absolutely want to read, but I think reading them will do me good. Also, in my opinion one has to read the whole thing before one's allowed to say it sucks. I guess I'm somewhat stubborn with my reading since I even struggled through the second Shopaholic-book (it was just sooo annoying, I hated it) when I'm pretty sure reading it did not do me any good or make me smarter...

  3. I always finish books. No matter how much I hate a book, or how long it takes me to get through, I have to know how things turn out. I can hate the writing, the characters, the author, anything. But once I start I have got to finish or my mind will go insane wanting to know how the story ends.

  4. This was a good one! Once again I´m late, but my answer is in my blog. :)

  5. Hannah, what if it's such a boring story, that you don't care how it ends? Has that ever happened?

    Maya, there's no deadlines, so never mind!

  6. Believe it or not, no. Unfortunately, my obsession to know how a story ends stands strong even if I'm literally slugging through a book. No matter what the case I always end up at the very least skiiming enough of the book to know what happens and how everything turns out.