Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Voting Wednesday, Dec 8

Voting Wednesday

We're hosting weekly thing (I hate the word meme) called "Voting Wednesday" where we make a voting ballot for each Wednesday and invite y'all to voice your opinion on whatever book related (or unrelated, we're not making any promises) issue we happen to pick.

So, here's the rules:

You form an opinion taking sides in the issue voted upon.

You voice that opinion on the comments, either as a short reply or by a link to your blog where you can make a stand.

Easy, eh?

So, the question of this week is:

Do you read seasonally?

Do you read books themed with the season; with Christmas books near the Holidays, books taking place in the summer during the summer months and so on and so forth? Or do you just... crab-'n'-go?


  1. I have to answer this one with a negative. A lot of what I read, at least the fiction, depends on my mood so I generally pick books that fit with whatever is going on in my mind. Other than that, it's usually point-and-pick.

  2. The answer would be no, I don't read seasonally but that's just because I'm lazy and can't be bothered to go out and find books suitable for the season... :) Like now that Christmas is right around the corner I'd love to read something christmassy but at least so far I haven't done anything about that.

  3. There are a couple of books I read around Christmastime (A Christmas Carol, Skipping Christmas), and I also read particular books around anniversary days. I usually read something about the American Revolution on the week of the Fourth of July, something about France or its history on Bastille Day, something about the Great War when August and September roll around, that sort of thing.

  4. I never ever read seasonally, I often focus on certain genres and new American literature also biographies, none of these usually coincide with the season.

    But I do always read crime novels in the summer.