Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Voting Wednesday, Jan 19

Voting Wednesday

We're hosting weekly thing (I hate the word meme) called "Voting Wednesday" where we make a voting ballot for each Wednesday and invite y'all to voice your opinion on whatever book related (or unrelated, we're not making any promises) issue we happen to pick.

So, here's the rules:

You form an opinion taking sides in the issue voted upon.

You voice that opinion on the comments, either as a short reply or by a link to your blog where you can make a stand.

Easy, eh?

So, the question of this week is:

Do you have more books on your shelves you've read or not read?

Take a quick stock of your books. Have you read most of them or not? Do you keep books you've read and only buy new ones when you wish to read them? Or do you bounce on a good offer and a new interesting find and accidentally on purpose end up with loads of books you haven't quite gotten around to, yet?


  1. Oh, the overwhelming majority of my books are books that I've read. I used to have a lot of unread books (Tom Clancy novels that I kept buying for a quarter a piece even though I've only ever read one), but I put them in a box. Now they are in the hallway, and most definitely not on my shelves. :-p

  2. I own a little over 700 books and I've probably read half of them. I buy books faster than I read them, plus library books and ebooks. It takes a while to get through them all...