There is a point?!

So, sometime back we were just sitting there, drinking wine and talking about how awesome we are. And how there really are no books quite as awesome as us. Or at least, we hadn't found them. Yet. So, we set out on a mission to read 100 books in order to find something that would rival our sharp wit and incredible eloquentness, not to mention our tragic beauty.

Because we do have a life it is sometimes difficult to find time for reading. Therefore, we calculated, carefully and with several drinks to tide us over, that it should take us no longer than four years to complete this Herculean task.

Why torment everyone else with this project you might ask.. Well, because we have a lot to say. About a lot of things, but in this blog we try to stick to books. In particular, the ones we've read. Predictable, we know... However, we think that you all would benefit tremendously from our pearls of wisdom. And other thoughts. You can even read the books yourself and offer your humble opinion on it. We might not choose to listen, but well, what else is new.

Anyhoo, the book list (not complete yet) is here. (Click the link, moron.) Some obvious classics are missing, we know, but that's only because we had to choose only books neither one of us has read so far. And books that didn't sound like a complete bore. Until the list is finished you're also welcome to offer suggestion on suitable books to complete our list. Again, we might not listen, but what have you got to lose?